Seva is Selfless Service

Seva is Selfless Service

The Yogamour Story

The story begins one quiet evening in the spring of 2011 in Frederick, Maryland, as two community yoga teachers, Geni Donnelly and Rebeccah Bartlett, were surfing the internet in search of an inspiring yoga retreat. The prior summer, Rebeccah had spent time volunteering in India at the Vihaan School, a "slum school" in Jaipur, India. The spirit and vibration of volunteerism reverberated deeply, and the pair searched for a venue that honored being in service.

The ideal was a retreat that infused a learning experience in the discipline of yoga meshed with the component of seva, the Sanskrit term for selfless service. Not being able to locate a retreat that met these needs, creative ideas sparked and the concept of Yogamour began to take form.

As the love of yoga may have it, the stars aligned for these two friends to host their first Yogamour Yoga Volunteer Retreat to India in January 2012. The experience was nourishing, especially in finding that others likewise resonated with being in service. The two yoginis . . . Read More



A Mind-Body Therapy

The mind and body are powerfully connected, as anyone who has practiced yoga or meditation can likely attest. Consider the simplest physical aspects; your brain sends signals to the muscles in your arm to contract so that you may lift your arm. Additionally, if you cut your arm, messages sent to your brain to register the pain of the damaged tissues, triggering cells . . . Read More

Why Meditate?

Gaining Control

At first, meditation brings calm to a restless mind. It gives moments of stillness, silence and peace in the midst of an active life. It brings understanding and clarity to minds that are touched by anxiety, stress or confusion. The moment we sit down and pay attention to the sweet rhythm of our breath, and allow the mind and body to be still and silent, peace becomes a reality . . . Read More

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You can choose to appear in up to eight of our 74 specialty categories (ex. Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates). After you create your listing, we'll review and approve it and then it will appear online . . . Read More

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