the art and science of blending essential oils

Aromatherapy dates back to ancient times, with the first known uses being in religious ceremonies as an appeal to a higher spirit (God, gods, or ancestors). Yet in our earliest desires to speak to the heavens, we inadvertently spoke to our own spirit. Aromatherapy, you see, addresses us mind, body, and spirit.

Only recently are we beginning to recognize what may have been ancient wisdom. Major pharmaceutical companies are now doing more plant-based research and not just creating synthetic compounds. And quantum physics now explains that everything is vibration and energy, supporting the basis for energy medicine. In all, extreme science has wrapped all the way around to the other side to validate many of alternative medicine's long-held assertions. Aromatherapy, or the use of the essential oils of plants through either inhalation or topical application, is riding this trend of newfound credibility.

Frankincense, obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia, may be a perfect example . . . Read More

Be Well to cease publishing . . .

Be Well to cease publishing . . .

a fond farewell

Be Well takes a bow . . . I am announcing today that Be Well will cease publishing. In the last few years I have searched for partners, investors, and in recent months, an acquiring publishing company, in an effort to grow Be Well to its potential while also reducing the demands on myself personally.

We got very close with two large publishing concerns . . . Read More

Hypnosis and Children

conquering the boogeyman

Monsters under the bed. Hard math problems. Strange green things on the dinner plate. These are just a sampling of things that may strike fear into the hearts of little ones, even while they are some of the most intelligent, funny, and rambunctious people we know.

Certain fears are healthy. We want our children to stay a good distance from the fire pit. Remembering to look both ways before crossing the street is a way to stay safe. However, when a child . . . Read More

A Course in Miracles

shifting our gaze to live a happier life

Most of us want to live happier, more peaceful lives, but the best of intentions seem to get sidetracked by what happens around us. We experience joy one moment, and it's gone the next. This lures us into wanting something outside ourselves to make us happy.

Perhaps we can receive a miracle instead. A Course in Miracles (the Course) offers us a path to not only receive miracles in our own lives, but also bring forth miracles . . . Read More

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