Reading Minds

Reading Minds

Emotional Intelligence

Wouldn't you love to read minds, to know what other people really think? Of course, we'd all be tempted to be so all-knowing if it were on offer as a superpower.

Sorry, but that won't be taught here today, it's still in development, along with the levitation classes. But we may be able to get you just a little bit closer to true self-knowledge, the almost equally elusive state of honest objectivity.

You see, the one thing we all share is that we are limited by our own perceptions. It is likely that at one time or another we all have moments of doubt about whether our assessment of an important life event, often around a close relationship, is fully informed and accurate. Now, it is healthy that we have that little voice in the back of our head that whispers, "Am I overreacting?" or "Am I out of line and making too much of this?" or "Is there more that I need to consider?"

Too often though, in the heat of the moment, we react from within charged, raw emotion . . . Read More

A Yogic Response to Injustice

A Yogic Response to Injustice

We All Have a Role and a Responsibility

It is a core teaching of Yoga and ancient philosophies worldwide that the outer world is a reflection of the inner. We all have a responsibility to look within and see our role in being creators, sustainers and destroyers of violence and injustice.

With eyes of compassion and understanding we must . . . Read More

Everything Is Perfect

Positive Thinking

In my youth, I studied photography and film, a joy then and appreciated now for the creative orientation that it imparted. But very early in my career in that field, one supervisor turned me down for a well-deserved raise. He explained that the only way I would make more was if I went into sales. The next day, I started my journey into sales and marketing. Over the next few decades, I was exposed/subjected to unfathomable volumes of sales training . . . Read More

Free Practitioner Directory Listings

A gift to practitioners nationwide -

Profitable news! Be Well World is now gifting Holistic Practitioners everywhere a free online Directory Listing!

What's the catch? There isn't one.

You can choose to appear in up to eight of our 74 specialty categories (ex. Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates). After you create your listing, we'll review and approve it and then it will appear online . . . Read More

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