A Mind-Body Therapy

The mind and body are powerfully connected, as anyone who has practiced yoga or meditation can likely attest. Consider the simplest physical aspects; your brain sends signals to the muscles in your arm to contract so that you may lift your arm. Additionally, if you cut your arm, messages sent to your brain to register the pain of the damaged tissues, triggering cells to travel to the wound to begin the task of repairing the injury.

You do not have to consciously think any particular thought to start the healing process. Your body automatically knows what to do. The same goes for your beating heart. You aren't reading this while thinking about contracting your heart muscles to keep the blood pumping. Your autonomic nervous system takes over these tasks.

What about your thoughts? Where do they come from? Thoughts, too, have an impact on your physical body and your actions. In the 1903 book by James Allen, As a Man Thinketh, he states, "by working patiently and intelligently upon his thoughts, he may remake his life, and transform his circumstances" . . . Read More

Why Meditate?

Why Meditate?

Gaining Control

At first, meditation brings calm to a restless mind. It gives moments of stillness, silence and peace in the midst of an active life. It brings understanding and clarity to minds that are touched by anxiety, stress or confusion. The moment we sit down and pay attention to the sweet rhythm of our breath, and allow the mind and body to be still and silent, peace becomes a reality . . . Read More

Psychotherapy plus Hypnosis


Hypnosis is largely about suggestion. As a Psychotherapist (or Counselor, Social Worker, etc.), you use suggestion all the time. If you wanted the shortest possible answer to why you possibly would consider adding hypnosis to your tool chest as a complementary therapy, it might be that you're only reaching 10% of the client's mental faculties. The Subconscious is is the other 90% and, in most cases, typical talk therapy is just not going to . . . Read More

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You can choose to appear in up to eight of our 74 specialty categories (ex. Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates). After you create your listing, we'll review and approve it and then it will appear online . . . Read More

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