Everything Is Perfect

Everything Is Perfect

Positive Thinking

[From the Archives: Issue 1, Fall 2009] In my youth, I studied photography and film, a joy then and appreciated now for the creative orientation that it imparted. But very early in my career in that field, one supervisor turned me down for a well-deserved raise. He explained that the only way I would make more was if I went into sales. The next day, I started my journey into sales and marketing.

Over the next few decades, I was exposed/subjected to unfathomable volumes of sales training. From the early benchmark Xerox courses (where the listening exercises are still worth gold) to today's favored Sandler system, they all had one thing in common it seemed: ridiculously super-charged trainers that oozed so much enthusiasm it was hard to not be sick. Still burned in my mind is the first day of training at one new employer where this cartoonish older instructor introduced himself and immediately launched into singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" complete with a jaunty little dance . . . Read More

Be Well to cease publishing . . .

Be Well to cease publishing . . .

a fond farewell

OCT 2014: Be Well takes a bow . . . I am announcing today that Be Well will cease publishing. In the last few years I have searched for partners, investors, and in recent months, an acquiring publishing company, in an effort to grow Be Well to its potential while also reducing the demands on myself personally.

We got very close with two large publishing concerns . . . Read More

Being Well

Doggie Style

By Gabriel the Dog. It may be news in itself that a dog gets an opportunity to have a voice in a publication, but I worked hard for it. No one spends more time with the publisher than I do. I lie around, under his desk most of the day. You wouldn't believe the conversations I'm part of. Sure, most of my lobbying is to head out for another walk, go play, or maybe have a treat. But I have my moments of brilliance, too. And eventually he realized . . . Read More

Hypnosis and Children

conquering the boogeyman

Monsters under the bed. Hard math problems. Strange green things on the dinner plate. These are just a sampling of things that may strike fear into the hearts of little ones, even while they are some of the most intelligent, funny, and rambunctious people we know.

Certain fears are healthy. We want our children to stay a good distance from the fire pit. Remembering to look both ways before crossing the street is a way to stay safe. However, when a child . . . Read More

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