Fun with Chiropractic

Fun with Chiropractic

By Dr. Chelsea Prothero

A Chiropractor's office is a pretty fun place generally, if for no other reason than the number of surprises that seem to happen there. High on the list of surprises would be that chiropractors can adjust more than just necks and backs (at the top of the list might be the adjustment of attitudes about chiropractic!). To many, this is a seemingly mind-boggling idea, but the chiropractic approach that works so well with the spine also can be applied to other joints of the body. Virtually every joint, or articulation, of your skeletal system is susceptible to fixations or misalignments that can impair function and range of motion.

It remains true that the foundation of chiropractic lies in adjusting the spine and pelvis to improve alignment, remove interference from the nervous system, and restore proper function to the body. Still, extremity adjusting can play an important role in wellness care.

Extremity articulations include any joint of your body outside of the spine . . . Read More



West meets West and heads East

Among the world of holistic massage and bodywork modalities is Shiatsu, a touch therapy that promotes wellness by supporting the body's ability to heal itself. Shiatsu originated in Japan in the early 20th century when practitioners wanted to distinguish therapeutic touch from relaxation massage. It took root in the United States in the 1970s . . . Read More

Highly Sensitive People

bet you know one

Likely you know a few; a family member or friend who seems overly sensitive. With only casual attention, they may get labeled as emotional, withdrawn, or just "funny." For them, lights are often too bright and noises too loud. They become easily overwhelmed and need time alone.

But these people are not socially maladjusted; they are exhibiting traits that have come to be known as . . . Read More

Astrology and Childbirth

waiting for the stars to align

The word cosmos means "beautiful order." We may not think about it, but an Astrologer will hold that we all come into the world at a precise time for a reason, and that a person's birth time influences his or her personality, life's trajectory, and relationships. A few minutes difference can change a lot! Given the significance of the clock, it's important for pregnant moms to consider the spiritual aspects of their child's entry into the world . . . Read More

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