Ancestral Ties

Ancestral Ties

gifts from, and to, above

"Can't live with them" is a common utterance when thinking about our families. Though, when it comes to our Ancestors, of course, we would not be alive without them.

Consider how much comes forward in our biologic and genetic imprints, and then, there's the karma within our families. Yet in these times, there is so much to be said for standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, for truly calling in ancestral wisdom to guide us forward.

It's increasingly popular in our collective thinking to search for answers to the complex problems of a technical society from an indigenous perspective. We are drawn to the native peoples who have kept intact their deep relationship to Mother Earth and fill their daily life with the simple connection to the rhythms of the elements, the flora, and fauna. As we yearn for this perspective, we often feel that is somehow outside us, to be drunk-up on a trip to the Southwest, Peru, or the land of the Bards.

Unfortunately, in doing so, we may overlook the wisdom downloaded to us from our heritage . . . Read More

Psychotherapy plus Hypnosis

Psychotherapy plus Hypnosis


Hypnosis is largely about suggestion. As a Psychotherapist (or Counselor, Social Worker, etc.), you use suggestion all the time. If you wanted the shortest possible answer to why you possibly would consider adding hypnosis to your tool chest as a complementary therapy, it might be that you're only reaching 10% of the client's mental faculties. The Subconscious is . . . Read More

Evolving as Healers

An Interview with Bob Duggan of Tai Sophia Institute

10/7/16 - The world lost a healer of legendary greatness this week as Bob Duggan has passed. Bob founded Tai Sophia as an acupuncture school (now Maryland University of Integrative Health and much more) and revolutionized how many think about wellness. I can only urge you to take ten for this interview from 2009. See if it doesn't open you up . . . Read More

Its not fair!

sometimes our hearts need to honor overwhelming feelings

My six year old grandson, Liam, has had quite a few mantras over the course of his short life - there was the "What dat?" as he was just learning to talk, the short, but concise, "No!" when he realized he had some options in life, and the always amusing (sometimes tiring) "Why?" when he was trying to know more . . . Read More

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