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Communicating With Our Animals
Communicating With Our Animals

Animal Telepathy

Marjorie Lewis, Ask Your Animals

The relationships that we form in our lives can be a great source of strength and healing for us. When out of harmony, they can also become a source of stress. The relationships that we form with our animals are really no different. Our animals bring us joy and comfort, unconditional love and acceptance, and they ground us and enrich our lives. For many people, the connection with their pets constitutes their primary and sometimes most enduring relationship. Yet the ease and joy of this relationship can become disrupted when the pet begins to exhibit behavior issues, health concerns or conflicts with family members. Communication can be a key to resolving these conflicts.

Accurate communication can be difficult even when both parties speak the same language. Nurturing a healthy relationship is a challenge when your partner shares no common language.

While it may defy belief systems for some, there is a communication means available to bridge the gap: Telepathy. Animal communication, or inter-species telepathic communication, is the process of transferring thoughts, images and feelings from one party to another using extrasensory perception. Animals are able to relay a surprising depth and variety of information about themselves and their environment including physical sensations, emotions and events.

Researchers like Rupert Sheldrake, biochemist and physiologist, believe there is a background fabric of the Universe made up of energy that is called the "Morphic Field" that links beings and acts as a channel for telepathic communication. Others may call this field the "Universal Mind". Deepak Chopra refers to it as "the Field of all Possibilities."

Accessing this telepathic field is a skill that comes naturally to animals. We as humans, with thousands of years of verbal language orientation, have largely lost this skill. Animals, however, remain strongly connected and are skilled telepathic communicators.

While we have become less aware of our telepathic abilities, we still, as we think and speak, are continually producing energetic broadcasts that contain visual images and emotions. Consciously, however, we are virtually unaware of that. We tend to tune back in only during creative endeavors such as design, art, meditation or creative visualization. As we have tuned out our own broadcasts, we have also tuned out these messages from our animals that contain their thoughts, needs, feelings and perceptions.

Misunderstanding frequently arises between humans and animals because we do not "hear" one another accurately. Our animals are broadcasting their needs and we are not tuned in to their channel. They go unheard.

On the other hand, our animals are continually scanning our telepathic channel to discern our needs and expectations. What they encounter is often a confusing, contradictory, overlapping jumble of images and emotions to which they cannot relate. In one brief training session we might jump to dozens of topics; "I'm teaching the dog to sit . . . I am sad about Aunt Mary . . . did I pay that bill . . . I need to go to the grocery store." None of these thoughts are relevant to our dog and he would perceive it as broadcast static and have no choice but to tune it out.

Communication between humans and their animals improves when we learn to...

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