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Upheaveal Equal Opportunity
Upheaveal Equal Opportunity

What Used to Work, No Longer Does

Tim Brady, Guided Star

... as a result of all this. That doesn't include the amazing amount of stress many are feeling. The good things, however, do include that a lot of priorities are being re-examined. Family, health and enjoying the moment are among those rising. On the largest scale, the restructuring underway is principally about power structures changing. What used to work, no longer does. Motivations will continue to be reevaluated and, generally, self-interest won't pay as it used to.

One simple example might be how corporations operate, and how this is going to change. Today, if you're a big company and you have a bad quarter, you lay off another 5,000 employees to return to "profitability". The only driving force is the responsibility to the almighty dollar. There is no heart in that. There is too often no corporate soul or purpose beyond money. Picture an alternative where the company says, "Hey, we're going to have a few rotten quarters, but we're keeping people employed." Now, you can't risk the company's very existence, but you could thumb your nose at stockholders a bit. What might be the result? Yes, a likely stock slide for at least the short term, but also a perception by customers that appreciate the human quality that has been embraced by a company. Compassion. For me, I'd go out of my way to do business with that company. Imagine, a possible increase in market share in a down market and customer loyalty that largely doesn't exist today.

It's but one peek at how things might evolve. But evolving they are. There is way more risk today in staying the same than trying new things. It may mean extraordinary adaptations and even total course changes.

I don't mean to scare anyone by my overall suggestions. Instead, I am encouraging taking control by giving appropriate review to long-held beliefs.

A year ago, businesses would fight for every little advantage. In the last year, many have become nearly paralyzed. In change and upheaval, there are amazing opportunities to be had, if you can see it and remain flexible enough to grab them. In a few years time, I think many would kill to be able to come back to this point and time to take advantage of conditions.

In any upheaval, there is a way you can prosper. Here's hoping you listen to your own inner guidance and find your way to be among the winners.

Author Bio

Tim Brady is Publisher, Editor, and Co-Founder of Be Well Fredrick, and principal of Guided Star, a business consulting practice in Frederick, MD

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