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Knowing That We Donít Know
Knowing That We Donít Know

no preconceptions

Veena Datta, JD

Love and life can't teach us anything if we think we already know everything. If we really want to live and love freely, we need to take the chains of our "knowing" off and rely on the inner radar of Love and live by it.

To have this inner guidance reach us clearly, we first have to unclutter our mind; or cultivate, as many have called it, a beginner's mind.

A beginner's mind is free of any preconceived ideas about anyone or anything. It arises when we let go of our previous ideas about what love is, how life is to be, what we are, what others are, what the Divine is, what anything is.

Saying "I don't know" is the first step toward an uncluttered mind. And not just saying it, but meaning it. After all, how can we truly know the real nature of love, life, you, me, us, others, or situations we are in? We can't, because we see everyone and everything through a lens of our past experiences with them, as how they and we used to be. This "I don't know" then is not at our intellectual level or at the level of physical worldly intelligence, but rather at our core level where we know that we really don't know.

So our starting step toward a beginner's mind happens when we stop defining anything or anyone from our past perspective. After that, we move in to the open zone - where we stay receptive to what gets revealed to us. Once we let go of the thinking that we know what anything is for and become willing to stay open, then we go within and ask our inner radar for the meaning of what is being shown to us. For this important step, we don't supply our own interpretations for anything or anyone. We simply ask and trust.

To live with an uncluttered mind, we have to release the ideas and perceptions we have accumulated. And we do this by practice. We practice staying open and trusting that there might be another way of seeing. We become more willing to recognize that what we thought we knew, we really don't. When we acknowledge that we don't know, we open ourselves to our true spiritual and personal path. Because once we know that we don't know, then we can actually learn.

Author Bio

Veena Datta is an Attorney, a Certified Holistic Life Coach, and a Reiki Practitioner & Teacher. She offers Coaching and Reiki sessions along with A Course in Miracles workshops and study group in Maryland. She has an upcoming book based on Course teachings and their application in our lives. Veena can be reached through Join her at

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