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Santa on Wellness
Santa on Wellness

An Exclusive Interview

Be Well World Staff

We don't know how, but we scored the interview of a lifetime with one of the most sought-after celebrities in the world. Read on as the man in red speaks to health and wellness, milk and cookies, the Good List and other topics.

BWW: Thanks, Mr. Claus, for the opportunity to sit and speak with you. Of course, we're huge fans. The first question might be just what is new at the North Pole?

Santa: Please, call me Santa, and I'm happy to be here. You know, many in your audience are on the Good List, so it seemed fitting to be in your pages. What's new? It's been a tough year for a lot of people and the North Pole is no exception. The polar ice melt is a challenging situation for us. We're examining the potential need to relocate as a result. Staying off-land and outside of geopolitical influence is important to us. A task force is looking at it.

BWW: Gosh, Santa, that makes sense, but that seems a horribly underreported story.

Santa: We have a lot of faith and we'll be okay, but you see, everyone is facing transitions. But I'm happy to report there will be minimal effect on operations this year.

BWW: Great to hear. As you know, Santa, we're a health and wellness publication. We wonder what you might have to say on the issue.

Santa: You're going to ask about the milk and cookies, aren't you?

BWW: Well, we have to admit, we were wondering about your personal health regimen.

Santa: As you can see, I'm trimmer than I've been in years. Your readers should know that those images of me still widely used are quite old. Yes, I used to have a weight problem, and while there are still a few extra pounds here, I'm in better shape than I've been in a long time. I work out almost every day, meditate and do a little yoga. The milk and cookies are still a weakness, but only one night a year and I have an intensive post-holiday program scheduled at the Wellness Center.

BWW: The Wellness Center?

Santa: Oh, yes. We started adopting alternative modalities many years ago and built a new Wellness Center ten years ago. All our folks are offered free yoga, Qi Gong, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, counseling, a complete fitness center . . . it's really quite comprehensive and has been very effective at improving the quality of life for our community. You have to understand how stressful doing a full year's worth of business in one day is, but there is even more ho-ho-ho'ing now.

BWW: Wow, we had no idea. So do you have a favorite modality?

Santa: I'm especially fond of regular massage, who wouldn't be? But my meditation practice has deepened and become more meaningful to me recently. Staying connected to that inner wisdom helps immensely in maintaining perspective on daily life.

BWW: What would your advice be then for wellness?

Santa: It is as you preach on a regular basis; tend to mind, body & spirit. Most folks can make important advances with simple changes in their diets. You know we have no processed foods at the North Pole, but fresh vegetables are hard to come by, so we settle for frozen. A lot of frozen at the North Pole. If you did one thing, it should be to eat more vegetables. Simple really. And get more active....

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