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Everything Is Perfect
Everything Is Perfect

Positive Thinking

Tim Brady, Guided Star

In my youth, I studied photography and film, a joy then and appreciated now for the creative orientation that it imparted. But very early in my career in that field, one supervisor turned me down for a well-deserved raise. He explained that the only way I would make more was if I went into sales. The next day, I started my journey into sales and marketing.

Over the next few decades, I was exposed/subjected to unfathomable volumes of sales training. From the early benchmark Xerox courses (where the listening exercises are still worth gold) to today's favored Sandler system, they all had one thing in common it seemed: ridiculously super-charged trainers that oozed so much enthusiasm it was hard to not be sick. Still burned in my mind is the first day of training at one new employer where this cartoonish older instructor introduced himself and immediately launched into singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" complete with a jaunty little dance. I was certain I didn't want to be him, but I did get his message, which was simply the concept of a positive mental attitude being able to, in fact, affect the outcome.

It is pretty much as old as the hills. I'm sure if I had studied ancient texts, I could refer to them with examples too, but my reference points will be more contemporary. From Dale Carnegie to Zig Ziglar to countless others all night in infomercials, positive mental attitude has been big business as forever successful prodigies promise to sell you their secrets (which often turns out to be, go sell secrets to others).

For years, I struggled uncomfortably with how to fit this into my own belief system, with plenty of professional anecdotal evidence amongst my peers in sales. I saw it work for some successful sales people, even as I saw them as dimwitted automatrons. You too, may know some; people senselessly upbeat and seemingly flowing through life with little resistance.

As my career bloomed into senior level positions, I came into touch with another sort: Fortune 500 C-level executives that would be called Type A's and ego-maniacs that were wildly at the top of their game. Even if I didn't like them, it served to underline that you cannot argue with their success on at least some levels. I'll say that there is a strong body of evidence around us to prove that the right mental constitution, well intentioned or not, works on the physical plane.

Eventually as I evolved my own belief structure more solidly, I was able to let it all make sense. I adhere to a collection of beliefs that would come under the umbrella of Spirituality. Spiritualism, though, is not easily defined. It is somewhat the buffet restaurant of religions, where you pick from an endless assortment of far ranging options (I'll have the Thought-Creates-Reality entrée, with a side dish of Reincarnational Drama and the Karmic Rewards dessert, please).

The book and the movie, The Secret has greatly expanded awareness of one of those spiritual concepts, The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction in essence suggests that your thoughts and feeling have an energy that attracts like energy. Now while there are variations on it, what it proposes is that you bring everything into your life through your thoughts.

The incessant internal dialogue you hold with yourself is the battleground. Learn to control it and you can change...

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