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Why Meditate?
Why Meditate?

Gaining Control

Reema Datta

[Ed. - Meditation might be defined as stilling the internal dialogue, which may be why writing about it - and exercising that dialogue - can be a challenge. And few pieces have come across my desk without the author and I talking about some edits, but Reema's piece that follows has a grace and depth of its own that defied being touched.]

At first, meditation brings calm to a restless mind. It gives moments of stillness, silence and peace in the midst of an active life. It brings understanding and clarity to minds that are touched by anxiety, stress or confusion. The moment we sit down and pay attention to the sweet rhythm of our breath, and allow the mind and body to be still and silent, peace becomes a reality. Peace becomes something that we can experience directly.

When the mind stills, we begin to connect with our true feelings, our deepest truths, our Soul. As the mind quiets, our feelings come to the surface. According to yoga and all spiritual traditions around the world, truth is revealed to us through our feelings, not through our mind or intellect. When we let the mind go, and become conscious of our feelings, we tap into the truth inside us and around us.

Meditation begins as a practice that provides peace and clarity to major life questions like, "Who am I?" and "What do I want?" "Do my current life and actions reflect my deepest truths about who I am and what I want to do with my precious time?" Meditation can save your life. It is time for you to allow your soul to catch up with you. Instead of asking these vital questions at the moment of your death, you ask them while you still have time on earth to carry out your purpose.

Mediation gives you the vision and energy to make changes in your life that are necessary for you to honor your truth. It is the message of yoga and all traditions to live your truth fearlessly. The Egyptians say, "The only leader on this perilous journey of life is the intelligence of your heart and soul." Jesus said, "Do not be a traitor to your emotions. Honor your truth. If you express what is within you, what you express will save you. If you do not express what is within you, what you do not express, will destroy you." The Celtics say, "Follow your nature. If you do, nothing destructive can ever happen to you."

The science of yoga states clearly that the number one cause of imbalance and disease is repressed emotions. The moment we repress our emotions, the mind becomes restless. When we do not express the truth inside us, and our lives cease to reflect who we truly are and what we really want, the mind gets caught in anxiety and sadness. If this anxiety and negative feeling continues in the mind over days, weeks, months, years, it starts to affect the physical body. The energy we would normally use to keep the physical body functioning in a healthy way, is drained by the restlessness in the mind, and, thus, we have the beginning of disease.

Our health is in our hands. We have full control over it. We create imbalances in the body, and we have the potential to create balance and health. Honoring the soul, expressing our truth, and living our purpose, keeps us physically healthy and mentally clear. It allows us to live a life where we not only enjoy vital physical and mental health, but, where we also experience...

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