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Why You Should Begin Every Morning With Meditation
Why You Should Begin Every Morning With Meditation

Better Days

Joshua Butcher

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi

A morning meditation practice can result in many positive changes to your outlook and life. In order to start a meditation practice, it is best to commit to the process and exhibit patience. It is challenging to control your thoughts, but it is worthwhile. Here just some of the many reasons to consider starting a morning meditation practice.

Establish a healthy routine

If your day feels like it has been planned, perhaps it is time for a better routine. Because of the deliberate nature of routines, they naturally make us feel more in control. When meditation is added as part of a morning routine, we're forced to focus on our own wellbeing. This sets the tone for a more relaxed day, feeling firmly in the driver's seat.

Improve your health

A Harvard research study1 found that people who were involved in a relaxation program that included meditation, yoga, and positive psychology used 43% fewer medical services than they did in the previous year. On average, people in this program saved $2,360 in emergency room visits alone.

Enhance your awareness

Meditation teaches us to live in the present, which can be helpful to become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. When thoughts of the past and future are banished, we are left to experience and acknowledge the sounds, smells, and feelings of the present moment. A morning meditation practice can prime the day for experiencing life in the present.

Sleep better

It may seem counterintuitive to meditate when you're trying to wake up for the day, but meditation can actually improve your energy over time. Meditation can energize one by helping us get a better night's rest. A JAMA Internal Medicine study2 found that middle-aged adults who meditated for 20-minutes daily had less insomnia and fatigue than those who did not meditate.

Counteract stress

Meditation's effects on anxiety and stress are well-documented, but one study has taken the research further. Coventry University researchers found that mind-body interventions, such as meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi may reverse DNA reactions that cause stress. So, your morning meditation routine may assist in keeping your cool throughout the day.

Become better at multitasking

A paper3 published in the May 2012 edition of Proceedings of Graphics Interface highlights work by two University of Washington professors that links meditation with multitasking. The paper indicates that meditation training may help people stay on task longer with fewer distractions. Since our days require quite a bit of multitasking, a morning meditation routine may keep us focused on the important things throughout the day.

Boost your overall wellbeing

A JAMA Internal Medicine review4 found that eight weeks of meditation was effective at improving anxiety, depression, and pain. The review concludes that meditation can reduce many negative dimensions of psychological stress. Meditation's effects are cumulative, so it's important to practice regularly...

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