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Hush Little Baby
Hush Little Baby

Infant Physical Therapy

Tara Diel

... from birth. Treatment is not painful for the infant, and the tears are healing in themselves as an emotional release. After adjustments are performed, the practitioner will spend time encouraging normal motor development for the baby, ensuring that any restrictions found are not causing asymmetry in movement patterns.

A good pediatric manual therapist will also teach the parents activities to do with their child at home to encourage body symmetry and appropriate developmental skills. When an infant is able to move more freely, perhaps after one or two sessions, he or she is happier and able to sleep more soundly.

Physical therapy on infants has been found effective at lessening the frequency of ear infections, decreasing colic, reducing reflux, and improving sleep patterns, among other things. Beyond these immediate benefits of manual therapy, it also provides a child with a positive physical environment for health and development, and can help prevent any potential problems for the future.

Each child is different, but typically three to four sessions are sufficient to resolve these types of issues. Manual physical therapy is beneficial for children at any age, but the earlier a child is treated, the better. Some parents have their newborns treated within the first few days of life as a preventative measure.

If you've tried everything you know to ease your baby's cries with no success, pediatric physical therapy is another option. It just may be the perfect lullaby, for infant and parents alike.

Author Bio

Tara Diel, MPT, is a licensed physical therapist who has worked with children and adults of all ages for over twelve years. She completed her five-year osteopathic-based manual therapy program from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto. She owns and operates her private practice, Holistic Solutions Physical Therapy, in Baltimore City and Laurel, Maryland and enjoys working with patients of all ages. Tara can be reached at 443-790-4472 or through www.HolisticSolutionsPhysicalTherapy.com.

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