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Ancestral Ties
Ancestral Ties

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Sharon E Martin, MD PhD

"Can't live with them" is a common utterance when thinking about our families. Though, when it comes to our Ancestors, of course, we would not be alive without them.

Consider how much comes forward in our biologic and genetic imprints, and then, there's the karma within our families. Yet in these times, there is so much to be said for standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, for truly calling in ancestral wisdom to guide us forward.

It's increasingly popular in our collective thinking to search for answers to the complex problems of a technical society from an indigenous perspective. We are drawn to the native peoples who have kept intact their deep relationship to Mother Earth and fill their daily life with the simple connection to the rhythms of the elements, the flora, and fauna. As we yearn for this perspective, we often feel that is somehow outside us, to be drunk-up on a trip to the Southwest, Peru, or the land of the Bards.

Unfortunately, in doing so, we may overlook the wisdom downloaded to us, through us, from our own heritage. Perhaps it is closer. Each of us descends from the indigenous at some point back on the ancestry line. But even more importantly, we have answers and guidance at our finger tips, through our lineage.

Consider these steps in your journey to fully take in who you are and where you came from - energetically and biologically:

First, it is critical to guard your life force. Let's try to stop being cranky about our childhoods and the bum rap we were given. Black sheep and skeletons are in each of our closets. A victim perspective only ends up in dripping out unfocused, yet essential, energy.

We are so quick to dismiss what our parents and grandparents did that at times, we forget they had a soul journey and struggled with the challenges of being on Earth. They did not have the context that we have today to understand that journey. In most cases, they were operating behind many more veils than we. We are those who collectively have increased our vibration and consciousness. So now is the time to be completely selfish - stop wasting your life force on how you were done to, how big the injustices were. Grab all your life force for You and push it forward with intention, to stand firmly in your place as the focal point between Heaven and Earth. As you own the space you incarnated into, accepting the ancestral ribbons that run through you, you tap into the power of the destiny lines you are part of.

Pay it backward. The important soul growth we do here and now really does heal and repair the energetics of our imprints that followed us into this life time. Be willing to break karmic patterns and free our predecessors from those chains. Yes, I am saying we can heal not only ourselves, but the spirits of our lineage, both from the past as well as eliminating its recurrence in the future.

So many spiritual teachers comment on the Ancestors coming forth to offer advice, to encourage. They are eager for our growth and learning, as it helps us and them and the collective. In my shamanic journeys for clients, when ancestors come forth, the message they bring includes that of being completely willing and eager to offer their shoulders for us to climb...

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