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Ancestral Ties
Ancestral Ties

gifts from, and to, above

Sharon E Martin, MD PhD

... bring includes that of being completely willing and eager to offer their shoulders for us to climb upon. They do and will continue to whisper in our ears. The soul work we do leads to exponential growth and evolution for all.

Be indigenous yourself. Reconnect to Earth and Sky and feel the rhythms. Fill up with as much Nature as possible. The planetary cycles and energies are so powerful that if you take the time to feel and join them, your life will shift to a stronger, easier flow. You will be moving along with the ley lines, the galactic rotations, the seasons. Put your feet on the ground, literally, as often as possible to allow Earth to sink all the frazzled spurts of energy that run through us as we navigate in a busy, complex, technical environment. As we drop into that calm hum, the ribbons of our lineage will make themselves more known.

Get your energy field squeaky clean. We are blessed with so many teachers that can help us to work with our energy field. However you learn, whether from Don Ruiz' Four Agreements or Alberto Villoldo's teachings, from Carolyn Myss, Donna Eden, or others, have integrity and compassion with yourself and others. Be aware of your energy field, and where you suffocate others, where you take from others, where you stick your energetic nose when perhaps it doesn't belong. The more we become aware, and commit to living and acting with a clean energy field, the less we are impacted by those biologic and karmic ribbons. We can see what runs through us, but are able to hold our spiritual centers. In this way we are more fully conscious and walk more purposefully on the path Spirit brought us to.

Stop and listen. Our guides, many of whom are those who have passed on, talk to us. Breathe for just a few seconds and listen. As we become still, we can hear their advice. They surround us all the time, eager to be of service. In my spiritual channeling for clients, another recurrent message that comes in is that our Ancestors are hovering, hoping to reach us. They exist now in a place of greater knowing, outside of the 3-D human form. They have so much to say and so much love to give. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you stop to listen.

We are our parents' children. Own it, revel in it, stand on their shoulders and climb higher.

Author Bio

Sharon E Martin, MD PhD, in addition to practicing as an Internal Medicine physician and Doctor of Physiology, knows that healing is more than the traditional Western view. Her 20-year journey into spiritual, energetic, and shamanic healing includes graduate training in Alberto Villoldo's Light Body School, past life regression hypnotherapy, spiritual channeling, and mystical arts. She works in person, with groups, or remotely to download your divine blueprint. Reach her at , or (717) 658-2266.

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