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Introduction to Zero Balancing
Introduction to Zero Balancing

Integrating Structure and Energy

Rebekah Goldstein-Hawes

Sailors understand that in order to sail a boat smoothly, the sail must line up with the wind and water currents. In order for the boat to go in the desired direction, the structure of the boat must be in correct relationship with the energy of the wind and the water. The same principles apply to the human body. For ongoing health and 'smooth sailing' the structure of our bodies need to be well aligned with the energies flowing through us. Zero Balancing (ZB) is a form of body-energy therapy that directly addresses this relationship.

ZB was developed in the 1970s by Fritz Smith, an Osteopath, MD and Acupuncturist. During his continued exploration of healing and wellbeing, he studied Rolfing®, Yoga, meditation and eastern philosophies. His resulting work is an integration of energy and structure, a bridge of old and new healing wisdom. ZB's firm roots in Western anatomy, fused with an Eastern understanding of energy, results in a simple protocol that allows the practitioner to touch both systems simultaneously.

The structural body is what you can see and touch - the skeleton, muscle tissue and internal organs. The energy body is the seen and unseen movement, which includes movement of muscles, fluids, cellular and molecular vibrations, and movement of the life force itself (referred to in different cultures as Qi or Chee, Prana etc.).

It is not uncommon for structure-energy imbalances to become 'stuck' in the body. Picture for example a child in a high-chair reaching for their parent. The parent is attending to an older sibling and doesn't notice. The child falls, breaking her collarbone. The bone heals quickly enough, but for years there is still pain and discomfort in her shoulder. Additionally, the child begins to show signs of difficulty in forming close relationships. The vibration or energy of 'rejection' from the busy parent has become lodged at the site of the physical trauma. As the child grows, energy and movement continue to stick at this point in the body, over time causing a series of related health issues. To bring health and balance back to collarbone, the ZB practitioner creates a still point, anchor or 'fulcrum' around which the body can re-organize.

When structure and energy are well balanced, dysfunctional habits - such as old emotional patterns and held energy from past traumas - are able to release. You're able to function with more ease and efficiency, cope with stress better, and enjoy increased vitality. People often report an increased sense of fluidity, integration and well-being after a ZB session.

People in any number of situations can benefit from Zero Balancing: someone with a collarbone injury, knee problem or chronic headaches, someone having stress-related symptoms, someone who is in good health and wants to maintain it, or even someone on a journey of self-discovery...

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