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Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki

Energy Healing for All Creatures

Kathleen Lester, M.S., CARPT, CCMT

... quality of life. When an animal is experiencing pain from an injury or illness such as cancer, arthritis, or hip dysplasia, regular Reiki sessions can significantly diminish or even eliminate the need for pain medication and keep your animal happy and active. For example, a dog with hip dysplasia or arthritis may again be able to run up and down the stairs or play with other dogs. A dog that has a broken leg could heal more quickly and go for walks again with his human companion. A cat with cancer may live longer and free of pain, even without the use of medication. An added bonus is that avoiding medication reduces the animal's risk of side effects or potential interference with the healing process.

When planning for your animal companion's health and wellbeing, keep in mind the entire animal--body, mind, and spirit. In addition to regular veterinary care, consider using Reiki as part of the healing approach for your animal companions, and give them the gift of a more comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable life.

Author Bio

Kathleen Lester is a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and the Executive Director of the Animal Reiki Alliance. She practices Reiki in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and teaches Animal Reiki throughout Maryland and the East Coast, partnering with many local animal related businesses. Kathleen can be reached at 443- 986-1516 or through her website at

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