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About Be Well Practitioner Communities

Be Well Practitioner Communities are, simply, a loose consortium of Holistic Wellness Practitioners that have joined together to have a positive impact on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our community. The Practitioner Consortium includes Psychotherapists, Chiropractors, Yoga Teachers, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, Spiritual Leaders, and more. In other words, some of the people doing the most amazing work improving people's lives on a daily basis!

Working together for the greater good, we'll expand public awareness of resources for physical, mental, and spiritual well being. We'll provide ways for practitioners to come together, and strive to improve the financial performance of practitioners through low cost, innovative joint efforts.

Currently, Be Well World offers Practitioners (at no cost) the opportunity to:

- Author online content here, with editing and peer review support. View the Article Submission Guidelines.

- List yourself in the Directory of Holistic Practitioners (see the link at the bottom of the Find Practitioners page to sign up), complete with hot links back to your website and email.

- Access the free Practitioner Marketing content on the Guided Star Consulting website. Guided Star is the marketing consultancy that gave birth to Be Well World and specializes in assisting Holistic Practitioners market themselves.

- Join the Practitioner Community Email List to stay informed of news, blog posts, writing opportunities, advertising specials, free public and/or practitioner events, special offers, and more.

- Optionally, at subsidized costs, the display ads you see online on are available to further promote your work. Details on the Advertising page.

Be Well Practitioner Communities were born in the Washington/Baltimore area in 2009 and now are national in our virtual online format. Join us in helping to further heal the world!

Namaste! Everyone at Be Well World and the Be Well Practitioner Communities

The Founders of Be Well World

A handful of people deserve special mention and credit. Only through their selflessness and dedication to the shared intention of a better world through wellness did Be Well World in all its incarnations manifest.

Zoe Worrell may as well be called the Mother of Be Well. A visionary psychotherapist and owner of Frederick's Healing Circles Wellness Center, Zoe's early efforts at casual holistic health practitioner networking at Healing Circles were the precursor to Wellness Connections Practitioner Community events. Her enthusiasm and support for the concept of Be Well is what inspired the co-founders to step forward into this experiment. Zoe's energy has never wavered.

Twink McKenney, Creative Director, is the secret weapon of Be Well World. An Astrologer and Yoga Teacher in addition to an inspired designer, Twink has invested heavily of her time with no concern for compensation. The beauty of our publications, website, and many of our ads are a reflection of her brilliant spirit.

Tim Brady, Publisher and Editor, was the marketing and business consultant that agreed to lead the effort to create Be Well World in all its manifestations to serve Practitioners, the Community, and the Greater Good.

Marie Kish, Psychotherapist, proved to be the momentum that moved us forward, always morphing into whatever talent and energy was required to get us to the next level. The original founding Advisory Board of Practitioners at launch in June 2009 then also included Kathleen McLaughlin, Massage Therapist and Energy Worker, Erika Osmann Trexler, Cranio-Sacral & Reiki practitioner, Aimee Firor McBride, Yoga Studio owner and teacher, and Larry Tepper, Acupuncturist. All have contributed mightily of themselves to make a difference in the world. We thank them mightily!

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