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What's your VO2 Max and RMR?

What's your VO2 Max and RMR?

Exercise and physical activity are the crux of wellness. The cardiovascular and immune benefits of exercise are widely known, but it also aids in maintaining lean body mass, stamina, and metabolism as we age. In short, fitness matters a lot to health, longevity, and vitality, and that wisdom is driving a blooming in fitness-related interest and research.

Another understanding that only recently is being fully grasped is just how individual we are; our bodies can be very different... Read More

Misconceptions about Fitness Programs

Misconceptions about Fitness Programs

Fear of the unknown. It stops us from doing so many things, from being our best. And it is the one thing that holds many people back from joining a fitness program. When people decide to lose weight and tone up, most look for a program to help them achieve their goals. But common fears and... Read More


A Zen student asks, "Master, what is Zen?" The master replies, "Don't think so much."

Short, simple, and yet profound. Don't think so much. It is useful in everyday life as well as in martial arts.

Much has been said in recent years about living in the now - the present moment. That's exactly where you live when performing an Aikido throw or art. The past is gone. The... Read More

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