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The mind and body are powerfully connected, as anyone who has practiced yoga or meditation can likely attest. Consider the simplest physical aspects; your brain sends signals to the muscles in your arm to contract so that you may lift your arm. Additionally, if you cut your arm, messages sent to your brain to register the pain of the damaged tissues, triggering cells to travel to the wound to begin the task of repairing the injury.

You do not have to... Read More

Psychotherapy plus Hypnosis

Psychotherapy plus Hypnosis

Hypnosis is largely about suggestion. As a Psychotherapist (or Counselor, Social Worker, etc.), you use suggestion all the time. If you wanted the shortest possible answer to why you possibly would consider adding hypnosis to your tool chest as a complementary therapy, it might be that you're... Read More

Hypnosis and Children

Monsters under the bed. Hard math problems. Strange green things on the dinner plate. These are just a sampling of things that may strike fear into the hearts of little ones, even while they are some of the most intelligent, funny, and rambunctious people we know.

Certain fears are healthy. We want our children to stay a good distance from the fire pit. Remembering to look both... Read More

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