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Evolving as Healers

Evolving as Healers

10/7/16 - The world lost a healer of legendary greatness this week as Bob Duggan has passed. Bob founded Tai Sophia (now Maryland University of Integrative Health), early on an acupuncture school and now so much more. Bob mentored me as I stepped into being a Wellness Publisher and I, like thousands of students of his, owe him so much. I wanted to again share our interview from 2009 as a great way to understand his work.

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Robert Duggan M.A., M.Ac.... Read More

Wellness: The Next 30 Years

Wellness: The Next 30 Years

Nestled in the natural woodlands of Laurel, Maryland, is Tai Sophia Institute, where more than 500 graduate students are learning the art and science of healing. Their studies range from acupuncture to herbalism, from nutrition to transformative leadership. The school that opened its doors... Read More

Santa on Wellness

We don't know how, but we scored the interview of a lifetime with one of the most sought-after celebrities in the world. Read on as the man in red speaks to health and wellness, milk and cookies, the Good List and other topics.

BWW: Thanks, Mr. Claus, for the opportunity to sit and speak with you. Of course, we're huge fans. The first question might be just what is new at... Read More

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