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Knowing That We Donít Know

Knowing That We Donít Know

Love and life can't teach us anything if we think we already know everything. If we really want to live and love freely, we need to take the chains of our "knowing" off and rely on the inner radar of Love and live by it.

To have this inner guidance reach us clearly, we first have to unclutter our mind; or cultivate, as many have called it, a beginner's mind.

A beginner's mind is free of any preconceived ideas about anyone or anything. It arises when we let go of our... Read More

A Yogic Response to Injustice

A Yogic Response to Injustice

It is a core teaching of Yoga and ancient philosophies worldwide that the outer world is a reflection of the inner. We all have a responsibility to look within and see our role in being creators, sustainers and destroyers of violence and injustice.

With eyes of compassion and... Read More

Ancestral Ties

"Can't live with them" is a common utterance when thinking about our families. Though, when it comes to our Ancestors, of course, we would not be alive without them.

Consider how much comes forward in our biologic and genetic imprints, and then, there's the karma within our families. Yet in these times, there is so much to be said for standing on the shoulders of those who... Read More

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