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Psychotherapy plus Hypnosis

Psychotherapy plus Hypnosis

Hypnosis is largely about suggestion. As a Psychotherapist (or Counselor, Social Worker, etc.), you use suggestion all the time. If you wanted the shortest possible answer to why you possibly would consider adding hypnosis to your tool chest as a complementary therapy, it might be that you're only reaching 10% of the client's mental faculties.

The Subconscious is the other 90% and, in most cases, typical talk therapy is just not going to be as effective as you wish it could... Read More

Self-Care for Energy Workers

Self-Care for Energy Workers

More and more people, from the layperson to hospital administrators, are recognizing the value of various kinds of energy work, including Reiki, EFT (meridian tapping), acupuncture, and lesser-known methods such as SimplyHealed. On so many levels, many of these modalities promote not just relaxation... Read More

“Wellness Connections” in Rebirth - Be Well World Networking – A Framework

With my relaunching of Guided Star (the marketing consultancy that gave birth to Be Well in 2009), I am again in service to the practitioner community. Be Well has been refreshed as an online community, and the website continues to attract thousands of visitors monthly with its 1,000+ pages of original content from practitioners. The Practitioner Directory has been opened... Read More

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