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Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

"It's funny how dogs and cats know the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn't it?" Eleanor H. Porter, from Pollyanna

Riley came to Ruth Andrick through Cavalier Rescue of Florida five years ago, in need of the love and attention that many of our rescue dogs do. In six months, Tanner would join them, sickly but saved from a shelter. Later, April, a scared and unsocialized puppy mill momma rounded out the clan.

Yet this is not about rescued dogs... Read More

Angels of Alligator Alley

Angels of Alligator Alley

Thanksgiving's leftovers were barely gone when a few foster families were about to grow for the holiday season. The "Alligator Alley" Cavaliers, as they became known, were in the process of being rescued. As happens with extreme rescue cases, no background information accompanied the dogs... Read More

Being Well

It may be news in itself that a dog gets an opportunity to have a voice in a publication, but I worked hard for it. No one spends more time with the publisher and editor than I do. I lie around, under and near his desk most of the day. You wouldn't believe the conversations I'm part of. Sure, most of my lobbying is to head out for another walk, go play, or maybe have a treat. But I have... Read More

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