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Being a solo practitioner or entrepreneur is a demanding career choice. One wholly carries the full weight of success. He or she is responsible for every aspect of the business and remembering every detail on the to-do list. Then, you must be reasonably good at, well, everything!

The good news is that technology can help. Sophisticated applications that integrate all aspects of a business - previously only within reach of larger firms because of cost - are coming downstream at... Read More

Enhance your Business with Feng Shui

Enhance your Business with Feng Shui

Sometimes, you enter a business and feel so "at home" that you just know that the product or service being offered will meet your needs. Then there are those establishments that simply feel "off," regardless of the resources available within. Although you may not register these vibes consciously... Read More

Workplace Wellness

Are you feeling a little more loved at work? If so, it may just be the result of the latest wave of Workplace Wellness initiatives that have been rolled out by your employer.

Workplace Wellness, or Corporate Wellness, as it's also frequently called, is an important and growing component of what in recent years has started to be referred to as the "Wellness Industry." Most include... Read More

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