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ABCs of GMOs

ABCs of GMOs

If you were going to be part of a huge science experiment, you might like to know about it. At least that's our guess. And that is the bottom line in our review; you're probably eating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) every day, don't know it, and exactly what the health effects might be, frankly, nobody really knows. There have not been enough GMO studies, but extremely disturbing facts have arisen from the ones we have.

To start, what is genetic modification? Farmers... Read More

Health Risks of Smart Meters

Health Risks of Smart Meters

From DDT to GMO, we've come to know more than a few three-letter acronyms that represent man-made health risks. Add a new - and serious - one to the list of self-inflicted threats: EMF.

EMFs, or Electromagnetic Fields, are invisible energy waves that surround us. The electromagnetic... Read More

Bee Well

The magnificent and generous honeybee is the only insect that shares its delicious and precious bounty in the form of food and enlivens our environment with its gentle buzzing, shining work ethic, and cooperative spirit.

Most everyone is familiar with rich, golden, delicious honey, but bees provide other wonderful health products too. These include pollen, used to improve overall... Read More

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