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On Consulting an Astrologer

On Consulting an Astrologer

To some people, consulting the stars for input on any manner of life decision may seem like the height of new-aged pseudoscience. Of course, those same people likely have never sat for a consultation with a professional Astrologer (all astrologers do, however, have favorite stories of "turning" doubters that somehow showed up in their office).

Yet, just as the moon holds power over the tides, so do all the heavenly bodies lend influences. Reading those, an astrologer is able... Read More

Astrology and Childbirth

Astrology and Childbirth

The word cosmos means "beautiful order." We may not think about it, but an Astrologer will hold that we all come into the world at a precise time for a reason, and that a person's birth time influences his or her personality, life's trajectory, and relationships. A few minutes difference can... Read More

Seeing Stars

Do life transitions have you "Seeing Stars" lately? If so, first, know you are in good company. The planets for many months now have been moving in significant ways and continue to navigate from one rare alignment to the next. The astrology community has been in an anticipatory state and descriptors like "powerful" and "historic" are routinely being applied.

How these things play... Read More

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