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People that regularly practice meditation generally agree that it produces noticeable, positive changes in life. Slowing down the internal dialogue of self-talk through meditation can offer improved feelings of well-being, happiness, relaxation, and a more positive outlook on life. However, thanks to an increasing body of evidence that meditation actually produces changes in our brain, the reality may be more profound than we have thought.

For so long, we have been told by science... Read More

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Take a moment and breathe. Be still. Listen.

What sounds surround you as you read these words? Do you feel nourished and inspired by them? Or irritated and depleted? For better or worse, what your body assimilates as audible sound directly affects your mental, emotional, and... Read More

Past Life Regression Therapy

There have been countless books written about life after death, reincarnation, past life regression, and life between lives. Many people still have difficulty believing in the credibility of the stories and the findings. Some people question for themselves whether or not there is anything beyond this lifetime, while others have already decided that, indeed, this lifetime is our only shot... Read More

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